Sometimes reality imitates the idea.
Manchmal ahmt die Realität die Idee nach. / 2021

Martina Helena Kaufmann

It leaves it's inner home,
begins to stretch itself,
reaching out of the stone.
It latches onto objects
or nests in your neighbor's ear.

Be daring and take care
of that which you implement - out there.
Perhaps soon you may dwell in that place,
which once was simply
an unspoken word
within in your inner ears.


Cast stone figure, limestone, digital 3D model of the figure (animated + AR compatible), poem, aluminum sign (laser cut), homepage, Instagram profile, email address.

In the outdoor space, in the middle of the Netstal lime factory, the cast stone figure is firmly mounted on a limestone quarry rock. It then stands in the place from which material it was made of. The cast stone figure consists of 60% lime gravel and 30% burnt lime from the Netstal lime factory (KFN).

At the same time, a digital "cast" was made of the cast stone figure - a digital 3D model of the figure. The digital 3D model is another imitation of the shape, the idea of the figure, which however, unlike the stone casting, can be moved through the Internet.

In this way, the form of this work is on the one hand, firmly anchored in the lime factory and at the same time, without any liability in social media. At the same time, both variants are beyond the artist's control. The cast stone figure outside is exposed to environmental influences and placed in a publicly accessible location. In contrast, the digital 3D model on the Internet is left to be freely deformed.

The work therefore crosses the threshold between being connected to a place and an existence without any localization. Thus it is in the middle of the dialogue and the dilemma of today's time. 

/// This work was originally conceived for the art exhibition "redux" at the art-museum Glarus (7.2. - 20.2.2021). However, due to the current situation, this was cancelled. The exhibition would have shown the diploma works of the graduates of the ZHdK Fine Arts Bachelor and Masters 2020. ///